Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install the plugin?

  • Through your WordPress admin dashboard, in the ‘Plugins’ section – ‘Add new’, use the search option to find ‘WP How to – WordPress Tutorial Videos’. NOTE: If you can’t find it by the keyword, select the ‘Tag’ option and type in the search box term ‘tutorials’
  • Download the ZIP file directly on the ‘WP How to – WordPress Tutorial Videos’ official page, and then upload it through your WordPress admin dashboard, in the ‘Plugins’ section – ‘Add new’, using the ‘Upload Plugin’ option (button at the top of the screen)
  • Download the ZIP file as mentioned previously, unzip it and then upload the ‘how-to-wp’ folder to your website hosting directory, in the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ subfolder

How to upgrade to premium version?

The premium license for this plugin is sold exclusively through Freemius, and it can be purchased on this link – Buy Premium. Just follow the instructions on that page. After you completed the purchase, you’ll recieve an email providing you with your license key for activation of your premium license (in the ‘Plugins’ section of your WordPress admin dashboard).

What’s the difference between free and premium version of the plugin?

The free version shows only 5 WordPress tutorial videos per item (plugin/topic). The premium version on the other hand shows up to 50 WordPress tutorial videos per item, plus it provides many other additional features:

  • Filtering WordPress tutorial videos by date, not only by relevance
  • Possibility to store WordPress tutorial videos to your favourites list, to view them later
  • Access to your recent watch history of WordPress tutorial videos
  • Possibility to resize or reposition the player

What plugins and topics are covered by this plugins?

You’ll find YouTube video tutorials for more than 10.000 of the most popular WordPress plugins available at plugin repository (using the official plugins_api). Criteria for plugin selection is the number of their active installations/users (those 1000+ active installations and above). When it comes to topics, there’s more than 300 of the most searched topics related to WordPress through Google search engine – provided by AnswerThePublic service.

How are YouTube videos selected to be displayed for each of those plugins and topics?

Videos are obtained through the YouTube Data API, storing the most relevant results (up to 50 videos), using their default relevance filter. DISCLAIMER: We didn’t create those video tutorials or edit the list any further.

How often is the YouTube data refreshed?

Each month (every 30 days) the data is stored and published again, in order to keep the video tutorials as up to date as possible, and also to be in accordance with the terms of usage of the mentioned API.